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Frequently Asked Questions


Can Panelscape be used in a shower?

Most certainly. The joins are factory tested during production for water transference. However, for double surety, we recommend you run a bead of silicone sealant down the inside of the back lug of the female edge of each panel during installation.

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Are there places where it shouldn't be used?

It shouldn't be used:

     a) in front of, or next to a fireplace or hot cooking appliances, or distortion may occur

     b) on the floor or bench tops

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Can it be used on ceilings?

Yes. It is a good idea to cut the starting panels (from one end of the room) into different lengths to then provide a staggered formation over the whole ceiling area.

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Can it be used for lining eaves?

Yes, it is most suitable for this purpose.

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How long has this product been available in Australia? How reliable is it?

Panelscape has been sold in Australia since 1994. However, this type of product is very popular for walls and ceilings in Europe and Scandinavia and has been sold in large quantities there for more than thirty years. Panelscape have a manufacturer's guarantee of ten years.

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How noticeable are the joins? Do they collect dirt?

The joins are noticeable enough to provide the slim, modern panel appearance. However, they form a flush joint and as a consequence, dirt or mould does not collect there.

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How difficult is Panelscape to install?

Panelscape is the easiest of all bathroom walling to install. There are not the same problems of slippage on the wall while the adhesive is setting, as often experienced with other types of panelling.


Also, the narrow panel width and the slot-together facility make the job so much quicker and easier. A common practice used by professional installers is stapling the back lug of each panel during installation. This completely eliminates any slippage opportunity and further speeds up installation.

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How do you cut the panels?

They are easily cut with a fine tooth saw.


It is a good idea to hold the saw gently, not tightly, to give the cleanest edge.




What about cutting holes for taps, etc?

You can use a high speed hole cutter. Or first make a small hole and then cut the hole to the desired larger size with a small pointed hand saw or 'Stanley' knife.

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Can you install Panelscape directly over wall tiles?

Yes, you can. However you need to remove any oiliness from the tiles with Sugar Soap and then roughen the surface to allow adequate adhesive grip.


IMPORTANT: Check that the shank of the tap is long enough to take the additional 10mm thickness of the Panelscape.

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Can you install directly onto studs?

Yes, provided there is support for the panels at the joins. However, for shower application it is recommended that the panels be glued onto backing material (for example, wet area plasterboard).

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To what other surfaces can Panelscape be adhered?

Panelscape can be glued to substrates including plasterboard, cement sheet, plywood and rendered walls.

Check the adhesive manufacturer's recommendation on the best glue for your application. Uneven walls should be battened first.

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Do you always need to use the corner mouldings? 

In a two wall shower situation, if the internal corner is good and straight, by starting installation from the corner you can butt full panels together without an internal corner mould and then just use mould resistant silicone sealant in the corner join.

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What adhesives are recommended for installing the panels?

PVC is not 'friendly' to some adhesives.


Silicone products, such as Selleys Roof & Gutter Sealant (as a glue) or Selleys All Clear are recommended for installation over plasterboard, timber or fibro cement.






What sealant should be used in shower installation?

Use a mould resistant silicone sealant such as Selleys Roof & Gutter Sealant at the corners, outer edges and where the panels meet the shower base, as well as around the fittings.

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What is the best way to maintain Panelscape walls after installation?

Panelscape is virtually maintenance free. Simply wipe over with a damp cloth. Do not use harsh detergents or abrasive cleaners.

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