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  Spot-X Hard Water Stain Remover



You'll never know how clean your shower could be till you try the remarkable SPOT-X Hard Water Stain Remover.  It magically restores your glass shower screen to it's gleaming original state by removing that hard white overlay other cleaners just can't shift.  Moreover it actually polishes the surface so that after one use you mostly find that simple maintenance with just water and squeegee is sufficient for months after.
SPOT-X contains no harmful acids or solvents - so safe you could even sprinkle it on your green salad.

(Spot-X Hard Water Stain & Spot Remover cleans deep into the pores of hard surfaces to remove any remaining foreign material. This keeps surfaces cleaner, longer. Spot-X is in powder form and is mixed with a small amount of water at the time of use. This method retains the effectiveness of Spot-X by not leaving it in a solution form during storage which reduces its scrubbing power. Liquid cleaners are not capable of getting into the pores because of its surface tension. Paste type cleaners have reduced effectiveness from sitting in storage while in solution, which breaks down and softens the working ingredients.)

Package includes 1 x bottle 200gm powder concentrate plus 1 x no-scratch sponge.

Absolutely amazing results - with complete environment safety on

- Shower screens
- Car and truck windscreens
- Boat windscreens & windows
- Exterior glass windows
- Glass pool fences
- Glass tables
- Stainless steel sinks
- Glass oven doors
- Porcelain or vitreous china baths & basins
- Stained toilet bowls
- Ceramic and porcelain tiles
- Aquarium glass
- Glass mirrors
- Kitchen glassware
- Blackened pots & saucepans
(FDA Approved for use around food),

This product is not being manufactured anymore
Replacement “A-MAZ” Hard Water Stain Remover arrives September 2015

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SPOT-X Hard Water Stain Remover


"Thanks so much. Received the Spot x Yesterday and having believed that NOTHING was going to get my screen clean I am amazed at your product.
Screen came up sparkling after nothing else which includes all the products I could possibly think of tried, worked. Thanks for supplying a great product which actually does what it claims to do."

Judy B. Kingscote S.A.


What a great product. I was totally amazed by your product and how well it has brought the glass of my shower screen, pool fence glass and my glass outdoor table. I have tried so many products to remove the water stains on the table, your product removed them all without any effort.

Barbara W., New Brighton, NSW