ENERGY CONTROL Metallized Tinted Window Film - Peel & Stick

RENERGY CONTROL Metaliized Tinted Window Filmoll Size
 2.4m x 1.2m

Cut those expensive heating and air conditioning bills with new generation ENERGY CONTROL
metallized tinted window film. The peel \'n stick film can be simply applied to your window
in minutes. In Summer Mirror Privacy reflects about 80% (Clear Grey about 48%) of heat
penetration through your glass window and in Winter it acts as an insulator to reduce heat loss
through the glass.

ENERGY CONTROL blocks out 98% of UV rays to help protect your furnishings from irreversible
fade and to shield your eyes and skin from sun damage. It also provides refuge from annoying
glare which interferes with your computer work, watching TV, etc.

Choose from CLEAR GREY - so clear you wouldn\'t know it\'s on your window, or MIRROR
PRIVACY - for daytime privacy from nosy neighbours.

Postage & Packing Charges
Single units: $7.70
Multiple units: $11

$34.45 per Roll 2.4Mx1.2M


ENERGY CONTROL Window Film reflects summer heat to keep your home cooler in the hot season and reduces heat loss in    winter to give you considerable savings on your cooling and heating bills.



ENERGY CONTROL Window Film blocks out close to 100% of the sun\'s ultraviolet rays which play a major part in fading your drapes, rugs, furniture, paintings & flooring throughout the whole year.


Mirror Privacy 1.2x2.4m

Available in size: 2.4m x 1.2m

Sales price: $34.45

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