Snap-On Tap Shower


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Sales price: $9.95
1.2 metre hose with plastic brush massage shower head. First screw the attractive chrome female fitting onto your tap and leave on permanently.
Fits 23mm diameter female tap thread or 21mm diameter male tap thread.
Now you can just snap on the tap shower when needed. It's so secure it won't slip off your tap during use even under the highest water pressure.
It's a wonderful water saver with a flow rate of just 6 litres per minute. Great for bathing baby, washing the dog or shampooing your hair in the bath or over the sink.

Hint: If your tap is unthreaded, we strongly suggest you purchase a threaded tap spout (21-23diam. thread) from the hardware store (around $20).  You can easily remove your existing tap spout and screw on the new one by hand.