Twin Draft Stopper


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  • Double draught protection – seals both sides of the door
  • Moves with door – no repositioning needed
  • Slashes those hefty energy bills
  • Helps reduce global warming
  • Great sound insulator – room to room
  • Simply wipes clean
  • Install or remove in seconds
  • Just mouth inflate each side and it’s ready for use

The inflatable TWIN DRAFT STOPPER seals both sides of the door for double draught protection.  It moves with the door so there’s no repositioning needed.

Please note: This product is only suitable for use when the level on both sides of the door is the same.  If the floor on one side of the door is lower than the other side, place a levelling mat on the low side.

DS7235 (for 720mm x 35mm doors)
DS8235 (for 820mm x 35mm doors)
DS8240 (for 820mm x 40mm doors)

Twin Draft Stopper