Onehand Push-Button Convenience...

  • One hand push-button convenience leaves other hand free.
  • No more fumbling with bottles and lids.
  • Eliminates sink or shower clutter. No one likes those ugly, messy bottles on the bench or floor.
  • Dispenses just the right amount of liquid to avoid costly wastage.
  • Unique design for easy refill. The transparent reservoir (500cc) allows you to see when a refill is needed. Then just lift the lid and pour in more solution.
  • Easy installation. You can install yourself in minute
  • Two models,

Single Chrome (225mm x 82 x 75):  $23.95
Single White      (225mm x 82 x 75):  $17.95
Triple                (210mm x 230 x 90):  $28.95

Freight and packing
Single $7.70
Multiple $11.00

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